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This is a list of the questions most frequently encountered by our Customer Service department. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us

Q. Are batteries covered by the 3 year warranty?
A. Only the new 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 6.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries are included in the extended warranty scheme. Other types of batteries, chargers, carbon brushes, chucks, cases and standard accessories are covered by the standard warranty.
Q. Is my cordless nailer covered by the extended warranty?
Hitachi gas nailers NT65GB, NT65GS, NR90GC2, NR90GR2 and NC40G are not eligible for the extended warranty. They are covered by the standard 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.
Q. Why don't I get a 5 year/10 year/lifetime warranty like the one shown on the internet?
A. Warranty periods set by Hitachi branches in other countries are decided by them based on their own criteria and are outside our control.
Q. I bought a cordless tool over the internet from America. Is it covered by the 3 year warranty?
A. Only tools purchased in the UK/Northern Ireland are covered by the 3 year warranty. You should contact your supplier in the US regarding their warranty policy.
Q. I've bought a 3 piece kit. Do I need to register each tool separately?
A. Every tool has a unique serial number that needs to be registered. However, the registration form enables you to add extra tool details, allowing you register every tool in a kit at the same time.
Q. What kind of repair is/is not covered?
A. Hitachi power tools are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover items that Hitachi Power Tools (UK) Ltd deem to be consumable, for example carbon brushes, batteries, battery chargers, chucks, accessories or toolbags/cases.
Q. What do I do if I want to make a claim?
A. Contact the dealer where you purchased your tool. They will arrange to have it inspected either by an authorised Hitachi service agent or the Hitachi Power Tools service department. You will need to provide details of your extended year warranty registration and original proof of purchase.
Q. When does my extended warranty start?
A. The standard warranty period is 12 months from the day the tool was purchased. The extended warranty provides cover for a further 12 months (petrol tools) or 24 months (Li-Ion cordless) from this date.
Q. Should I wait until my battery is completely exhausted before recharging?
A. No. If you completely exhaust the battery before recharging it, the cells will deteriorate faster, thus shortening the life of the battery. When the power of the tool becomes weaker, stop using the tool and recharge the battery.
Q. How close will the CL18DSL stud cutter cut a stud close to a ceiling or wall?
A. 24mm.
Q. Approximately how much will the C18DSL circular saw cut from a fully charged 3Ah battery?
A. Approximately 75 cuts of 50mm x 200mm SPF (spruce/pine/fir)
Q. Can I fit a larger size chuck to my drill?
A. No. The design and specification of a drill motor is such that it is directly related to the maximum size of hole you can drill. Fitting a larger chuck would overload the motor and cause damage that would not be covered by any warranty.
Q. What is the head height of the D10YB angle drill?
A. The head height (height from the back of the gearbox to the end of the chuck) is 83mm.
Q. On the D13 Rotary Drill, What is the length from the tip of the chuck to the back handle?
A. 375mm.
Q. What does SDS stand for?
A. Schnell Drilling System.
Q. What does the stated length of drill bits mean?
A. The stated length of Hitachi SDS-Plus and SDS-Max TCT drill bits is the overall length.
Q. I want to use my SDS-Max hammer for rotary drilling. Can I turn these two mode SDS-Max machines into three mode machines?
A. Yes. Fit the drill with an SDS short reach adapter (750453) and 13mm chuck (752058). This will allow rotary drilling to be carried out.
Q. Can I use the current range of SDS-Plus and SDS-Max machines for diamond core drilling?
A. No. Whilst the speed of the smaller SDS-Plus machines may be sufficient, the wattage of the tools is far too low. The speed of the larger SDS-Max machines is too low for diamond drilling. However, a range of TCT core drills is available from your Hitachi distributor.
Q. Are the CC14SF abrasive cutting discs suitable for cutting aluminium or stainless steel?
A. No. They are only suitable for cutting mild steel.
Q. Can a TCT dry cutting blade be fitted to the CC14SF?
A. No. The speed of the CC14SF is far too high for this type of blade. Only suitable abrasive discs can be used.
Q. Can the switch on the CC14SF be locked on?
A. No. For safety reasons the switch is of the lock-off type.
Q. Can I cut stone or masonry such as block paviours with a CC14SF?
A. No. Only abrasive discs designed for metal cutting should be used. Cutting of stone or masonry could damage the machine.
Q. What bore size disc can I fit to the CM12Y?
A. The CM12Y will take both 20mm & 22mm bore discs.
For 22mm bore discs, fit washer B (silver) at the back with the collar facing outwards. Washer C (black) is fitted at the front.
For 20mm bore discs, fit washer C (black) at the back. Washer B (silver) is fitted at the front, collar facing outwards.
Q. What is the maximum diameter of router bit I can use with Hitachi routers?
A. 40mm.
Q. What type of sanding paper is suitable for the SP18VA?
A. Non-adhesive with a 22mm bore size.
Q. What is thread size for the pad on the SAY150A Rotary Orbital Sander?
A. 5/16" UNF
Q. What is the length quoted for reciprocating saw blades?
A. The stated length of Hitachi reciprocating saw blades is the overall length.
Q. What is the height of the mitre saw auxiliary roller?
A. The auxiliary support roller (309450) is adjustable from 50mm to approx 160mm.
Q. Can I cut metal with my Hitachi mitre saw?
A. No. These machines are for cutting wood products. The only exception is soft aluminium extrusion. This can be cut provided a fine tooth blade (at least 60 tooth) suitable for aluminium is used and the material is securely clamped.
Q. What is the maximum wattage of power tool I can connect to the QB35E?
A. 110V: 900W 230V: 2000W